Systems Thinking Workshop

Below you will find the recorded video of the Systems Thinking Workshop on June 10, 2015.  It is 2 hours in duration.  Please contact Karen Maskell at if you experience any difficulty viewing it.

The link below is the presentation that was used in case the video is difficulty to read and/or you would like to capture notes during your viewing.


YouTube Video of Systems Thinking Workshop

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Preparatory Materials

As we continue to develop, change and refine our key processes, we need to understand the perspective of the entire system, the various subsystems and recurring patterns of relationships between the subsystems.  By focusing on the entire system, we can attempt to identify solutions that address as many problems as possible in the system. The positive effect of those solutions leverages improvement throughout the system.

Our instructor is Michael Ayers.  Please feel free to visit his website.  He has a wealth of information available!

Please watch this video as an introduction:
The interesting stuff starts at 17:30.  It is a sample of what systems thinking looks like in action, presenting a real problem but without any explanation of what the notation represents and omitting certain elements of the notation.

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This is an example of a workforce management system: