Workshops And Seminars

About our workshops and seminars

Our workshops and seminars are conducted by well-known experts and consultants, as well as by representatives of leading biomedical industry firms and the FDA. The topics are usually ones that have been suggested by participants or are known to be current issues in the industry. Some typical feedback:

“Very interesting topic; helpful to have industry & FDA perspective in one presentation where they could add thoughts and perspectives to one another’s comments.”

“Well prepared, practical, will use, very thought provoking, good job.”

“Actually these (case studies) were much better than AAMI. Overall, this is much better than I expected. Thank you.”

“Both speakers were very knowledgeable and went into lots of detail and answered all questions fully.”

Official announcements for each event will be posted on this website when they are available.  If you have any questions about the schedule and/or topics, please contact Tim Peterson at

Topic Suggestions

Please contact an officer and provide the Biomedical Consortium with your ideas for workshop/seminar topics that would best serve the local biomedical device industry.

Upcoming event: May 9, 2018

Quality Systems for EU MDR and MDSAP