About Biomedical Consortium


The Biomedical Consortium Task Group informs interested persons/organizations/businesses in the biomedical industry of learning opportunities that focus on related issues, existing regulations and standards and pertinent quality related tools and techniques for biomedical quality assurance.

The Task Group reaches out to biomedical industry professionals in areas of quality assurance, regulatory affairs, clinical affairs, manufacturing, design, engineering, among others. Every year workshops and seminars are offered on topics especially picked to satisfy company, regulatory (FDA) and personal training goals and requirements. The objective is to provide timely, cost effective education events pertaining to current issues and topics of interest with leading consultants, experts and regulators in the biomedical industry.

In addition to workshops and seminars, the Biomedical Consortium provides an enormous selection of related resources.


The Consortium is organized as a Steering Committee with a Chair or Co-Chairs. It is governed by an operating procedure (MSP-T-002) approved by the Minnesota Section 1203. Membership on the Steering Committee is open to all with the stipulation that officers must be ASQ members. The Committee meets regularly to plan and execute the Task Group’s stated objectives.

Current Officers

Tim Peterson at tpeterson@mnasq.org