Nate Dvorak

Nate_DvorakNate Dvorak, Workplace Researcher and Consultant, Gallup

Nate Dvorak is a Workplace Researcher and Consultant at Gallup. Nate conducts and advises on descriptive, qualitative, and quantitative research to provide practical and insightful consulting to advance business growth for Gallup’s clients. He has worked with clients in the healthcare, manufacturing, medical device, retail, financial services, and education sectors.

Nate consults with Gallup clients to analyze their most urgent business problems and opportunities, then uses his expertise in Gallup’s organizational culture, leadership, performance measurement, selection, and employee and customer engagement science to help them develop, build, and implement programs and systems to solve those problems. He applies Gallup’s predictive analytic science to help companies assess, analyze, and evaluate their leadership selection, coaching and development, and succession planning strategies. Nate has conducted hundreds of analyses to help clients identify the areas within their business that offer the greatest opportunity for improvement or to build sustainable growth. He also consults with companies on improving how they measure and manage employee performance.

An expert in Gallup’s employee selection science, Nate has created and implemented selection assessments for a wide variety of roles in many industries for companies worldwide. He has worked extensively with Gallup’s education clients and was instrumental in developing Gallup’s standardized selection programs, TeacherInsight and PrincipalInsight, which are used by hundreds of public and private K-12 school systems.

Nate received his bachelor’s degree in business administration with concentrations in human resources management and business law from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. He received his master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology from Minnesota State University, Mankato.