Summit 2013 Presentations

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Day At A Glance

2 new sessions!


Summit WelcomeNEW!

Opening Keynote – Jerome HamiltonNEW!

Quality by Design for Everyone, Brooks Henderson

Authentic Leadership Authentic Life, Elizabeth Dickinson

Creating a Culture of Innovation, Theresa Wagner

Requirements for Innovative Environments, Perry Parendo

So you want a certification! Guide to taking Certification Exams, Harry Spinks

The Future of Quality is Mobile Inspections, Jerry Van Oort

Saving Troubled Projects, Mark Waldof

Creating High Performance Work Teams,  Karen Black

ASQ Biomedical Certification, Meena ChettiarNEW

Affinity & Beyond, Annette Borrelli

NEW SESSION! Advanced Product Quality Planning, Walter Wegner


Innovating with Quality in Mind – A new theme in Medical Device Development, David Amor – to be provided on-site

The Art and Science of Feedback: How to avoid bad habits and develop the skills required to provide quality feedback, Katy Mitchell & Abigail Barret – to be provided on-site

What is Secret Service and why is it secret?, Don Thorpe


Paul Grizzell – Lunch Kenote – NEW

Strategy Deployment for Leaders at Managerial Levels, Jim Nelson – NEW

Generational Insights: Renewing Understanding of Clients & Colleagues, Cynthia Bemis Abrams

Using Performance Excellence Models Part 1, James HillUPDATED

Using Performance Excellence Models Part 2, James HillUPDATED

Dealing with Negativity, Harry Spinks

The Largest Challenge in Anyone’s Life: Losing a Loved One, Barbara Kirchner

Crossing the Finish Line: Effective Goal Setting, KM Johnson Davis – to be provided on-site

Deming’s Red Bead Experiment, Jay Sykes – to be provided on-site

Four Scenarios, Jack ChandlerUPDATED

Food Safety Crisis Mngt, Annette Borrelli, Darla Weber, Susan Kingsbury, Arthur Van Raalte

Medical Device Quality Education for Changes & Innovation, Brian Rembish & David Koosman


Implementing Hoshin Kanri for Competitive Advantage, Charles Liedtke – to be provided on-site

Building a Quality Culture: a Leader’s Guide to Social Media Communications, Jacqueline Prescott

AWAKEN: An Innovative Training Model That Measures Up, Annette Borrelli, Darla Weber, Susan Kingsbury

Baldridge 101, Patrick O’Boyle

NEW WORKSHOP! Networking that Works!, Tara Schmakel – to be provided on-site