Boost Your Career Success through Volunteering

by Meena Chettiar

I have been a volunteer for MN-ASQ for about five years and I plan on continuing to serve ASQ for many more years as a Thank-U to ASQ for increasing the “Quality” of my life. How did I get started on this rewarding, self-fulfilling journey of giving back to society while at the same time nurturing my own career and personal growth?

It was a hot summer day in July 2005. I sat there reading Annette Borrelli’s article in our Newsletter, BenchmarQ, a week after I had passed my first ASQ certification exam validating myself as Certified Quality auditor. Annette’s article mentioned the possibility of earning continuing education credits through volunteering. As much as I liked the instructor and professionals from various companies who I met during my ASQ certification preparation class, I sure did not want to burn any more midnight oil pouring through the ASQ certification Body of Knowledge to recertify by exam in three years.

I began to ponder….May be I will get to meet more Quality-focused professionals if I volunteer for MNASQ and perhaps, as an added bonus, I will be rewarded with continuing education credits which I can use to keep up my hard earned ASQ certification!  I immediately called Annette and showed up for the monthly meeting of MNASQ Education committee the next day. My volunteering experience has been a very rewarding journey so far.

What are the benefits of volunteering for MN-ASQ?

1)      Continuing education credits to keep up your certifications

2)      The opportunity to meet Quality professionals in a wide array of industrial sectors.

3)      Exposure to professionals from a variety of world-class organizations like 3M and Medtronic while continuing to work in your own comfort zone.

4)      Development of leadership and communication skills by becoming exposed to problem solving approaches and business skills of experienced Quality professionals from world class medical device companies in the cities to scientists from Honeywell and Managers from Allina Medical systems.

5)      The opportunity to attend MNASQ certification exam preparation classes free of charge*.

6)      Exposure to new opportunities like being an instructor for certification prep classes or helping out with exam improvements at ASQ.

7)      Participate in professional development sessions made available to MNASQ volunteers through our various committees.

8)      Lifelong connections and friendships.

9)    Self-fulfillment – knowing that you made a valuable contribution to the Society, the Quality profession or colleague is very rewarding.

10)  Fun!  Volunteering is a choice and as much we might get from it personally or professionally, there is no substitute for having a good time while you work.

*To reward our volunteers, MNASQ offers certification exam preparation classes free of charge for volunteers that have served for at least a year.  Like all participants you must provide your own study materials but in this economy, the amazing networking and training opportunities you get by volunteering can be the advantage that lands you the job.

Volunteer opportunities are many and varied within MNASQ.  If you have an idea of what how you’d like to volunteer, you can contact the committee chairs directly.  If you don’t know where to get started, you can contact our Volunteer Coordinators, Steve Price and Lynn McCluskey at  They will be happy to help you understand the opportunities that are available and match you with a position that is right for you.