Member Spotlight – Pat Wegerson

Pat WegersonGreetings! I’m Pat Wegerson and I’m currently the Co-Vice Chair of the Program Committee. This is my first year on Minnesota ASQ’s Board of Directors and I’m honored and pleased to be serving on the Board and serving all the members of Section 1203. My prior experience in ASQ leadership was as Program Chair of the Biomedical Focus Conference in 2006 and 2007.

My “day” job is a Lead Quality Engineer at General Dynamics in Bloomington. Formerly Control Data Defense Systems, this location specializes in ruggedized computers for military avionics and for space applications. I specifically sought this mission-critical, high-reliability product environment, as I wanted to learn from working in a very mature process- and data-driven organization. It confirmed my earlier belief that a disciplined product development process is valuable and effective in designing high quality products. Prior to this, I worked at Medtronic in software / firmware quality for their implantable pacemaker and defibrillator products. Before my move into the quality position at Medtronic, my career had been software and systems development engineering, including design engineering and project management. Even these earlier jobs moved me toward a career in quality as I always sought the most efficient ways to design and produce the requisite (or better) quality products.

I credit (blame?) my parents for preparing me for a career in quality. Growing up with the family mantra of “Good, better, best, never let them rest! Until your good is better, and your better is best!” I also developed a love of learning and am constantly seeking best practices. This love of learning also extends to helping others grow in valuable and usable knowledge and skill – hence my strong interest in ASQ programs! This year, my energetic Co-Vice Chair Programs, Lauri Flaquer, and I have worked to provide a blend of technical quality topics and also “soft” skills for improving the personal effectiveness of Section members. As most seasoned quality professionals know, your ability to communicate ideas, promote new directions, and influence individuals and groups gives life and a future to the “technical” quality improvements.  My goal on the Program Committee is to equip attendees with new or improved tools that can readily bring value to themselves and to the organizations that they support.

If you have any suggestions for me or for the Program Committee, or would like to hear more about Programs, please email me at