Member Spotlight – Mavonne Prokop

Mavonne ProkopGreetings! Welcome to the very first Member Spotlight.

My name is Mavonne Prokop, and I am the past Chair of the ASQ, Minnesota Section. You might think it odd that I am the first featured member, especially since my picture and Chair’s articles have been in every month of The BenchmarQ for the past year. I am honored to be the first Member Spotlight, and the reason is that I am currently serving as the Vice Chair of the Communications Committee. This is a new committee, and our responsibilities include the website (, the newsletter (The BenchmarQ), brochures, and publicity. As you can probably tell, we will be coordinating all of those activities with every other ASQ Committee (Program, Conferences, Education, and Member Services). To be able to communicate with our members, we need to first communicate with each other. Our goal is to deliver 100% accurate information 100% of the time. If you are interested in any of the above topics, please contact me. Additional committee members are always welcome.

To give a little more information on my background, I have worked in the quality field since 1985. I started out in the process management arena, and then moved into ISO 9000 certification, auditing and Six Sigma. I am now embarking on the Lean Enterprise journey with my current position. I really enjoy working with teams, and making things better, more efficient and effective. I have found in my experience that the most important attribute in all of the above is communication. Hence, I am extremely excited to be working on the Communications Committee.

I wish to spend a few minutes discussing my involvement with ASQ. I have been participating in committees or on the Executive Board since about 1995. With this involvement over the years, I have met a multitude of individuals, all with a passion for quality. It has been an incredible experience, and thankfully, it isn’t done yet!!

Over the next few months, every Executive Board member will be featured in the Member Spotlight. Then we will start including additional members, so please check back often to “meet the Executive Board” and your fellow ASQ members.

And last but not least, please consider “getting involved.” We can always use a few more good people.