John Mulcahey

MJohn Mulcaheyy name is John Mulcahy. I am currently a project lead within MNASQ’s PMO, planning and coordinating the development of the Community Engagement program. I have only just completed my 1st year as a member of ASQ. Though I have no prior experience with the leadership team, I am happy to help serve me fellow members of ASQ Minnesota Section 1203.

I have had a long career in policy, program and process improvement, starting in the government sector and evolving through leadership roles in the financial and technology industries. With a passion for learning about products and programs – regardless of industry – I have found success in executing best quality improvement practices. My current position has me busy transforming business units’ though organizational change in the financial industry, specifically in the life insurance case management environment, as part of Carroll Enterprises Insurance Solutions Center operations leadership team. I emphasize, my career has been about applying quality practice across and regardless of industry product or program, which truly supports the value of the ASQ program.

A credo I have echoed throughout my career has been to practice working “Smarter not Harder”, which has aided my endeavors on many collaborations, resulting in better (owned) productivity, scalable automation, and many mitigations eliminating threats of rework.

Earlier this year I a participated in a workshop with the MNASQ leadership team where we used StrengthsFinder to identify our talents.  My top 5 themes are Maximizer, Arranger, Strategic, Positivity, and Belief.  I found it enlightening that I am a “Maximizer”. Yes, I do continuously attempt to transform something strong into something stronger, which supports my credo and confirms a belief to focus on strengths as a means to stimulate excellence. So I am a “Maximizer”. No doubt, I am in with the right crowd as an ASQ member.

One area in particular that I truly enjoy, which I embraced during my early career development years and has stemmed from my post secondary education, surrounds developing methodology to capture, interpret and execute values from the Voice of the Customer (VOC). I have always held a position where it has been applied and it has always been a critical part of my work toward any process improvement. So, from my keen interest in qualitative and quantitative work, findings have influenced effective and efficient means to produce quality process, program/product and service. The VOC will be a vital component of the quality process surrounding development of our Volunteer Engagement program. Your voice, combined with continued evolution of our website, our members will be invited to navigate and keenly match up their areas of interest to areas of need. Understanding and applying VOC values will help Increase member satisfaction as well as increase the opportunity to deliver quality programs that serve members.

We learn by asking, so if you have any suggestions, would like to participate on the Volunteer Engagement program, as an Engagement Coordinator or VOC coordinator, please email me at  If you would like to learn more about StrengthsFinder at MNASQ, contact Karen Maskell at