Member Spotlight – Dale Holdman

Dale HoldmanMy name is Dale Holdman, and I am currently serving as the Vice Chair of Conferences for ASQ, Minnesota Section. I am one of the newest members to the Minnesota Section Executive Committee and have really enjoyed getting to know the other committee members. They are team of very dedicated individuals who truly believe that quality and the value associated with quality is critical to be respected as well as successful in today’s industry.

To give you a little more information of my background, I have worked specifically in the quality field for over five years. I started out creating a cross-functional product development process for medical devices, moved into supporting medical device development projects and clinical research from a quality perspective. With my current position, I am embarking on a new opportunity to provide project management and a high level of hands-on technical support to a medical device development team as the quality representative. I really enjoy working with teams, building strong working relationships and common goals relative to quality, and providing efficiency and effectiveness to the organization. And most of all, I’m a true believer of the statement, there is no “I” in team. Prior to moving to Minnesota, I was taught a valuable lesson while supporting the US Marine Corps that teamwork and quality (that is, doing your best and doing the right thing) are the two most important aspects of surviving and being successful. Hence, I am extremely excited to be working on the Executive Committee with members so dedicated members to quality.

I’d like to spend a few minutes discussing my involvement with ASQ. I joined ASQ approximately five years ago and became certified as a Quality Auditor and Software Quality Engineer. I was then fortunate to be invited to the ASQ National Headquarters to support examination review workshops. More recently, I was the MN-ASQ 2006 Biomedical Focus Conference Chairman. During the past summer I was nominated and elected as the Vice Chair of Conferences and have been very busy getting up to speed ever since. With this involvement, I have met a multitude of individuals, all with a passion for quality, and I look forward to meeting as members as possible in the future. If you are interested in getting involved with planning and execution of a conference or workshop, please contact me.

In the two previous member spotlights there was mention of “Getting Involved” regarding these two words, from my own perspective; the quality of a team can never exceed the quality of the members that make it up.