Member Spotlight – Ashweni Sahni

Ashweni SahniHi everyone, I am Ashweni Sahni (you might know me better as “Ash”), Senior Director of the ASQ, Minnesota Section and Co-Chair of the Biomedical Focus Task Group. I am also a member of the Executive Board of our Section.

I joined ASQ in 1980 and have been involved with it ever since. First as a member and later in various other roles and responsibilities. I became a member of ASQ to improve my skills to help excel in my career as a qualified professional. As I moved through various positions and organizations I gathered my qualifications as CQE, CRE and CQA. In all this, ASQ and the Minnesota Section in particular gave me sustained encouragement and support with PEOPLE, infrastructure, educational material etc. This not only enriched my experience but also helped me become a more qualified professional.

I read somewhere that “LIFE IS GIVE AND TAKE”. I guess after taking all this help, one should give something back to the professionals in all levels particularly to the section and its members. Teaching refresher courses, moderating certification exams, presenting papers in the section, national and international conference conducting seminars on quality subjects is one way. Helping in section’s organizational activities in various roles and responsibilities in various committees is another way. I guess I have done that and still doing it and will continue to do it. As I developed a network of more friends and professional peers, I received more help and gave all the help that I could in return as a responsibility. Working together with others in the section became an integral part of my life.

I got involved in the Biomedical Division of ASQ as a team member and as a speaker at the conferences. I was actively involved with team that developed Certified Biomedical Quality Auditor exam at the ASQ Headquarters.

The bottom line is that I got involved and helped wherever I could.

Now as Senior Director, I chair the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) and work with very senior and experienced members of the section in developing plan and goals for the section. When this tenure is over I will help in some other capacity. As long as I can, I intend to help members, the section and ASQ where ever I can.

My message to you all is “GET INVOLVED”.

Whenever you get chance at one of the meetings, come and say “Hi” to me. I would love to chat with you.