Member Spotlight – Annette Borrelli

Annette BorrelliMy bio has been published in The BenchmarQ several times before. It is really hard for me to talk about me but I love to talk about my experiences with ASQ MN Section. I started as a volunteer on the Membership Services committee in 2002. I had a great time. We worked on developing an ASQ MN Section website and hiring a webmaster at cost. The committee also put together a membership drive that personally contacted people in the Quality profession. I met a lot of exciting people that year! We also put together a customer survey and handed them out at the ASQ MN Section Conferences. It was a great experience meeting the members and non-members and getting their opinions. We made changes the following year based on their opinions, resulting in higher membership satisfaction.

Then I was asked to join the Executive Board and help with project planning on the Section Management Plan (SMP). I was honored that the chair-elect personally asked me to join. To this day, I still have his voice mail message. He made a big inpact on my life. He would tell me over and over again it is all about the people and giving to other professionals the key that you hold. That year we ended up with the Bronze Award for SMP and we were still searching for this key he kept telling me about.

After that year I was asked to be the Treasurer. It was a very hard year. I was stuck in a paper pushing system and finally with the support of the Board and volunteers I was able to implement an electronic approval system. It was a definite process improvement. At this time I was still searching for the key.

This year, as the Vice Chair of Education…I have finally found the key. The key is YOU because each and every one of YOU holds the key to our success. Without members from the Section, there would not be an ASQ MN Section and without volunteers, we could not be as successful. So, please think about the key you hold that you can share through supporting and joining the ASQ MN Section volunteers.