The ASQ Voice of the Customer Committee role was established in 2008 to bring focus and intention to learning more about our customers, their needs and expectations and to drive improvement throughout ASQ.  MNASQ established a VoC Chair shortly thereafter.  Currently the VoC Chair is Craig Erickson.

The Voice of the Customer Committee (VoCC) developed a few short on-demand webinars that introduce the ASQ Voice of the Customer and how it works. If you are interested in learning more about VoC, these webinars are a great place to start.  They will help you understanding the role VoC plays in helping the Section succeed in continuing to provide members with the value they need.


In the first webinar, The Voice of the Customer Chair, What’s In It For Me? (23 minutes), VoCC Member Guy Gordon introduces the concept of the Voice of the Customer, the ASQ VoC process and the critical role that the VoC Chair plays.

In the second webinar, The Kano Model (16 minutes), VoCC Member Myriam Ochart explains the use and value of this powerful approach to gather customer insight.

In the third webinar, VoC Case Study (8 minutes), Myriam discusses an example the VoC Process and Kano Model at work.

In the fourth webinar, A Year in the Life of a Voice of the Customer Chair (46 minutes), VoCC Members Steve Schuelka and Ray Crawford walk you through what you, as a VoC Chair, can expect to do over a typical year. This also includes a short introduction to the Qualtrics survey tool which the ASQ provides at no charge to VoC Sections and Divisions/ Forums.

In the fifth webinar, Voice of the Customer Success Stories (20 minutes), Steve provides several examples of the VoC Process at work in ASQ Sections in Illinois/ Indiana and New York/ New Jersey as well as the Statistics and Quality Management Divisions.