Summit Planning

The future is not what it used to be and quality professionals are asking fundamental questions about what the future will hold. Change and transformation are the emerging tools of quality. There is debate over whether the same professionals can span a skill continuum from control to transformation.  Leading thinkers in the field are investing their time in minting new tools for change and transformation and investing their energy to obtain new skills.  The best companies are moving beyond product quality to manage their total customer experiences. Best practice companies around the world are showing, by their examples, the efficacy of quality applied to the improvement of the whole organization.

The MNASQ Professional Development Summit is organized by and for quality professionals. We offer the Summit to help us lead this change instead of reacting to it.

The Summit Planning Committee is responsible for planning, organizing and executing our annual professional development event.  This multi-disciplined event provides a wide variety of professional development activities to provide our community with the skills, knowledge and competencies they need to impact the total customer experience.

Volunteer opportunities vary throughout the year and range from speaker coordination, site planning, arrangements, exhibitor planning, to publicity and promotions.  For more information on volunteering with the Summit Planning Committee please contact the committee chairs at