Webinar Recording: Improve Your Hiring Success: Top Five Dilemmas in Finding Employees and How to Solve Them

Improve Your Hiring Success:  Top Five Dilemmas in Finding Employees and How to Solve Them

When: Wednesday June 8th @ 12pm CDT

Hiring the right people into organizations is a core business process.  A right hire can raise the performance of the organization, and a wrong hire can cost thousands of dollars.  Changes in the economy and workforce have had a significant influence on many organizations’ effectiveness in attracting and retaining quality employees. In this webinar, recent employment trends, the implications of them for hiring managers, and strategies to address them will be covered.  The session will describe the benefits and attributes of an effective and efficient recruiting/hiring process and how to improve an existing process to gain better results.

A brief preview of an interactive learning experience, “Playing the Hiring Game!” will be included.



Cindy O’Donovan and Julie Tschida are business partners and owners of Right4 Your Business, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in providing business and human resource solutions for a variety of organizations.   With a combined total of over 50 years experience in a variety of roles and business settings, they develop products, services and workshops to assist their clients to hire, motivate, train, and transition their people.

Cindy and Julie have developed tools and resources focused on all aspects of the hiring process, both from the employer and job seekers perspectives.  They have led large talent acquisition functions, led mass hiring efforts, and trained managers and business owners in effective hiring practices.  As former recruiters and experienced educators, they have received numerous invitations from employers, colleges, and employment transition agencies to facilitate workshops and develop teaching and learning materials.

Cindy has a B.A. in Organizational Communications, an M.A. in Leadership and Management.  Julie has a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership.  Cindy and Julie are certified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP℠) through the Society of Human Resource Management.

For more information, visit www.right4yourbusiness.com.