ASQ CQIA Certification Prep

Quality Improvement Associate Certification Exam Prep

What: . . . MNASQ is offering Certification Preparation Sessions for MNASQ members who are interested in taking the Quality Improvement Associate certification exam. The CQIA certification is one of four lifelong certifications offered by ASQ which require no periodic renewal.

Where: . . . Classes will be held at St. Cloud State Plymouth located at 9750 Rockford Road in Plymouth, Minnesota.

When: Thursday evenings from March 1 thru March 22nd

Cost:   Members: Free   Non-Members: $320

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Cost associated with this training?
MNASQ is offering this training at no cost to members. Typically this course costs $320. ASQ Membership is $159 per year. Learn more about becoming an ASQ member.

What are you responsible for? 
You are responsible for the ASQ CQIA Exam registration and purchase of study materials from QCI (Quality Council of Indiana).  Please visit for details on the cost of registration.

Who is eligible and who is this certification targeted towards?
Any current member of ASQ (you can become a member now and take these prep courses) who works for a manufacturing company dealing with regulated (FDA regulated or ISO, AS, TS certified) industries at any level who wishes to become familiar with quality aspects of a manufacturing environment. Anyone from production employees to CEOs of a company can benefit from this basic ASQ Certificate.

If you do not want to take the ASQ exam, attending the 4 sessions will provide continuing education credits from MNASQ and attendance certificate from MNASQ which will serve as a career enhancement step for you and help your company become quality conscious!