Webinar Replay: Non-Traditional Approaches to Measuring the Customer Experience that Instigate Action

Wednesday, April 27th 12 pm CT/ 1 pm ET

The world is tired of the annual “Do you love us?” survey as well as the transaction survey. At the same time, CCMC’s National Rage Study showed that more than 20 percent of consumers failed to complain, even once, about their most serious problem over the last year. For less serious product and service issues only 3-30 percent of customers complain anywhere (depending on the issue and product). What are some innovative ways of getting actionable customer feedback? In this webinar John Goodman will discuss three of the most interesting non-traditional approaches that instigate action.

  • Supplement surveys with operations data that says what your company is about to do to the customer
  • Understand how to map touch point/customer service, survey and operations data into a unified picture of the customer experience
  • Create an economic imperative for action (that the CFO will accept) by quantifying the monthly revenue damage of inaction
  • Create accountability of action when issues are cross functional
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About our Presenter:

John Goodman is a customer experience researcher, innovator, and entrepreneur.  A co-author of the 1970’s breakthrough study of consumer complaint behavior and customer service for the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, John is one of the original trailblazers of the customer experience industry. His contributions to this research overturned conventional wisdom and were instrumental to repositioning customer care as a potential profit center.  Since then, John has “written the book” on the customer experience – literally and figuratively. Having personally directed some 1,000 customer experience studies for clients worldwide in every conceivable sector, John is an authoritative consultant in the field of customer-driven quality.

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