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Certification is a recognition that an individual has demonstrated a proficiency in and comprehension of a particular quality area.  While intended to be rigorous, many qualified individuals avoid the process and miss out on the benefits of certification thinking they do not qualify.

Don’t let this be you!

Schedule of Exam Prep Courses

General Information

ASQ offers certifications to formally recognize an individual’s knowledge of quality theory and techniques.

ASQ certification is awarded to those who meet three criteria.  Candidates must:

  •     Have a specified level of education and/or experience
  •     Provide proof of professionalism
  •     Pass a standardized examination in the certification area

How to Recertify

To find more information about ASQ certifications please visit ASQ.

“I would recommend the ASQ CQE refresher class as an efficient way to prepare for the exam. All of the instructors were knowledgeable in their respective areas. Robert was the primary instructor and he demonstrated a solid understanding of the material and was able to communicate it well using a collaborative teaching style.” Eric Stender, August 8, 2010

Exam Information

The certification exam process is managed solely by ASQ (not the sections.)  Individuals seeking certification must complete an application and send it to ASQ for review and approval.  Applications and certification information brochures can be obtained by visiting the ASQ website or by calling 1-800-248-1946.

Check out upcoming exam dates and application deadlines at ASQ.org

Examinations are typically scheduled as the first Saturday in March, June, October and December by ASQ. Applications are typically due about 8 weeks prior to the examination date.  Schedules and deadlines are available from ASQ.

MNASQ Exam Location

Examinations sites and proctors are provided by MNASQ.  Once a certification application has been approved by ASQ, the examinee will be provided with exam location and seating information.  MNASQ cannot administer an exam if we do not receive the exam from ASQ.

Meet Our Instructors

Interested in volunteering?

For more information about volunteering to be a proctor or questions, please contact the Chief Proctor, Rob Obrien, at rob.obrien@henkel.com.