Strategic Initiatives


To be the community of choice providing professional development focused on total customer experience.


Foster personal and professional relationships, connections and sense of belonging.

Equip our community with the skills, competencies and knowledge that impact the total customer experience.

Strategic Initiatives

Strengthen Partnerships & Alliances
Engage senior leaders of MN businesses and institutions
Implement Section Marketing Strategies
Cultivate a Vibrant and Robust Leadership Team
Expand & Improve Section Training Offerings

2011 – 2012 Annual Objectives

Establish a formal strategic alliance agreement process
Form an ‘Executive Roundtable’
Build the Section marketing plan
Develop a Section Board Succession Planning Process
Host an integrated, multi-disciplined event

2011 – 2012 Top Level Improvement Priorities

Pilot strategic alliance agreements with two (2) professional organizations by 6/30/2012
Define, develop, deliver one (1) Executive Roundtable event by 6/30/2012
Target Market Identification, Marketing Calendar, Communication Plan by 6/30/2012
Document Succession Planning Process for Voting Board by 6/30/2012
Design & deliver one (1) multidisciplined event by 6/30/2012

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