Chair’s Award Recipients

The Chair Award is considered annually and is awarded to individuals based on long-standing dedication and service to their community or to the Section. These are highly-motivated individuals who have earned the respect and appreciation of their fellow ASQ members and other professional organizations.

1996 Gayle McElrath Service to the Community
1996 Forest Poppe Service to the Section
1999 Ken Paddock Service to the Section
2000 Lawrence Frey Service to the Section
2001 Ralph Arnott Service to the Section
2002 Robert Meyer Service to the Section
2004 James McLinn Service to the Section
2005 Charles Carter Service to the Section
2005 Frank Schultz Service to the Community
2006 Anne Aichinger Service to the Section
2007 Marilyn Pehl Service to the Section
2008 Ashweni Sahni Service to the Section
2009 Larry Akre Chair Award
2010 Gary Townsend Chair Award
2010 Les Gagner Chair Award
2011 Terrence Havener Chair Award
2012 Mavonne Prokop Chair Award
2013 Rebecca Draxton Chair Award
2013 Wally Wegner Service Award
2014 Gary Jing Chair Award
2015 Greg Olson Chair Award

Section Fellows

MNASQ recognizes the exemplary accomplishments of its Fellow members. It has a proud and long history of members who have attained the distinction of Fellow.

Harold J. Gulde 1967
Everett H. Dale 1973
John W. Gorman 1974
Robert L. Perry 1983
Edward J. Sorrentino 1986
Francis W. Curtiss 1987
Charles R. Carter 1988
James E. Twyman, P.E. 1992
James A. McLinn 1993
Galen C. Britz 1996
Peter J. Jacobs 1998
Ashweni K. Sahni 1998
Douglas Hawkins 1998
Ralph W. Arnott 2001
Robert H. Mitchell 2003
Gary G. Jing 2007
B. Reddy Gottipolu 2008
Robert E. Meyer 2010
Michael O’Connor 2012
Douglas Hlavacek 2013